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32 reviews for 2 hour / 300£

  1. User101

    Incredible Linux support! Solved my issue in no time.

  2. User156

    Excellent service and support with Hyper-V help. Solved my problem efficiently and professionally.

  3. User157

    Excellent service and support with Troubleshooting bottlenecks. Solved my problem efficiently and professionally.

  4. User158

    Excellent service and support with Performance diagnostics for Windows servers. Solved my problem efficiently and professionally.

  5. User201

    Outstanding support for Hyper-V. Highly recommend their expertise!

  6. User204

    Provided exceptional Ansible guidance. Made complex automation simple.

  7. User205

    Invaluable PowerShell support. Their knowledge saved us countless hours.

  8. User206

    Expert Linux support. Resolved all our issues with professionalism.

  9. User217

    Bash scripting assistance was invaluable. Streamlined our scripts efficiently.

  10. User219

    Red Hat system configuration and management expertise was top-notch.

  11. User217

    Bash scripting assistance was invaluable. Streamlined our scripts efficiently.

  12. User218

    Satellite system management made easy with their expert guidance. Highly recommended.

  13. User219

    Red Hat system configuration and management expertise was top-notch.

  14. User225

    Bash scripting assistance was incredibly helpful. They made complex tasks simple and efficient.

  15. User226

    The Satellite system management guidance provided was top-notch. Greatly appreciated their expertise.

  16. User228

    Foreman infrastructure management support was exceptional, providing insightful guidance.

  17. User229

    OpenStack deployment guidance was excellent. They helped navigate complex configurations with ease.

  18. User230

    Bash scripting support from them was superb. Efficient and effective solutions for our scripting needs.

  19. User231

    Satellite system integration support was phenomenal. Made the entire process smooth and understandable.

  20. User232

    Red Hat system optimization advice was incredibly effective. Enhanced our systems significantly.

  21. User238

    Automating tasks with Ansible for Windows environments has dramatically improved our workflow.

  22. User240

    Leveraging Ansible for Linux servers has never been more straightforward. Their training is top-notch.

  23. User202

    Masterful at troubleshooting bottlenecks. Solved issues we had for months. Even found a security hole that we missed and before he told us. He devised a plan to solve it, tested, and then came to us with the whole shebang. Here is what i found, this is how bad it is. Wait now the good news. Here is how you fix and hes already written the automation to remove the problem and fix it. You find someone like that you keep em. I tried to twist his arm to come full time but hes not there yet. So I will keep checking. Nice work.

  24. User203

    His expertise in Windows server diagnostics is unmatched. Fantastic service!

  25. User207

    VMware support was superb. He really knows how to solve complex problems.

  26. User227

    His support with Red Hat was outstanding, offering clear and concise solutions.

  27. User233

    Writing Ansible scripts for Windows has never been easier thanks to his expert help, worth every penny.
    Looking forward to doing more work with you.

  28. User234

    Thank you so much for automating the migration of our IIS, and then providing us a way to pull all configs for IIS across the estate with Ansible; saved us countless hours. Highly recommended.

  29. User235

    Ansible for Linux administration made simple. His experience & technical skills is impressive. Also really easy to communicate with and best part was. I could just leave him to it. Look forward to further collaborations.

  30. User236

    Managing VMware with Ansible was a breeze with his setup and operational step-by-step tutorials.

  31. User237

    Integrating Commvault API with Ansible was seamless thanks for all your help bud.

  32. User239

    His expertise on IIS automation with Ansible is truly impressive. A game-changer for our deployments. Dont believe there is anyone else that has a public repo that can do what he did for us.

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