How to call a json rest API using Ansible        

So a very useful thing to understand is rest api’s and how to call them as a lot of organisations have these and want to integrate them into automation, a popular method is the http method

They are very simple calls { GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH }

For the sake of this post. Im going to use commvault public api’s

You will need to two things.

  1. The api endpoint which is usually an http url


  1. http://WebConsoleHostName/webconsole/api/CommServ/Failover
  1. The raw  json body of the of the api



    "csFailoverConfigInfo": {

        "configStatus": 0,

        "isAutomaticFailoverEnabled": false



Now keep in mind if you are using an api that requires a login. In order for it to work, you will need to store the auth token to pass later to the last task later for the api call to work as intended. You can look at one of my other posts under vmware, where i used a http login to handle the tasks later, as a reference.

You can call these preliminary task as includes to store the token.

It will look something like this before it gets to the api task. You can also just do it all one on book if you wanted to. But for the purposes of this post. Im just giving ya highlevel.

- name: Login task


    name: commvault_login

    tasks_from: login.yml

- name: Setfact for authtoke


    authtoken: "{{ login_authtoken }}"

  delegate_to: localhost

Now in order for you to pass json api to ansible. You will need to convert the json raw body into yaml format. You can use visual studio code plugins or a site like

So if we are to use the above raw json example it would look like this


  configStatus: 0

  isAutomaticFailoverEnabled: false

So now we want to pass this information to the task in the form of a variable. A really cool thing with ansible and this type of action. Is you can create a variable name and simply pass the new yaml converted body right below the varible. You can pass this as extra-vars or create a group variable with the same name and use that.

For those you who use tower passing them as extra-vars to test something can be a pain, since it doesn’t allow you to change the passed vars and rerun the previous run just used, you have to start all over. So I prefer the command line way as its easier to be agile



  configStatus: 0

  isAutomaticFailoverEnabled: false

So now we ansible to use the rest api with ansible. You create a task that after the login is run and the token is stored inside as a fact. It run the following task, in our case this call will be a POST. It will post the headers to the url which will disabled commvault live_sync which is essentially commvault failover redundancy for the backup server itself.

- name: Disable Commvault livesync 


    url: http://{{ commvault_primary }}/webconsole/api/v2/CommServ/Failover

    method: POST

    body_format: json

    body: "{{ disable_api_body }}"

    return_content: true


      Accept: application/json

      Content-Type: application/json

      Authtoken: "{{ login_authtoken }}"

    status_code: 200

    validate_certs: false

  register: disable_livesync

  retries: "4"

  delay: "10"

  delegate_to: localhost

- debug: 
    var: disable_livesync

When you run the book and your have an active failover setup correctly with commvault. In the command center under the control panel you should see livesync. If you click on this you should see either it is checked or unchecked.

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